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      Zhejiang Weiguang Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Is a collection research and development, production and manufacturing, and after-sales service in the integration of a certain scale of pump, valve, pipe production and operation enterprises, the company is located in ningbo highway pingyang export right, the transportation is convenient. Covers an area of 19000 square meters, the company has CNC machine tools, large vertical lathe, boring machine and other sophisticated processing equipment more than 200 Taiwan (sets), is China's electric QiXie, hydropower branch of China electrical equipment industry association, China's industrial anticorrosion technology association, China association of chlor-alkali industry, China's sulphuric acid industry association member units, etc.


      Used in corrosion engineering products: (1) pump: steel lining IHF type centrifugal pump, the FS type all plastic straight league centrifugal pump, FSU wear-resistant corrosion-resistant centrifugal pump, FYS submerged pump; (2) the steel lining fluorine plastic valves: ball valve, butterfly valve, cut-off valve, diaphragm valve, emptying valve, check valve, Angle valve, dc valve and so on dozens of multiple; (3) pipe: steel liner F4, PO, PP, PE pipe, FRP/PVC pipe and FRPP moulded pipe and accessories (national spark plan project); (4) large anti-corrosion lining tank, tower and other equipment; (5) the sulfuric acid project system complete sets of special rubber fluorine globe valve valve, chlorine gas, etc. Products are widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other industries, the current products have been nearly 1000 customers at home and abroad to choose.


      Company for small hydropower station water inlet valve, power plant circulating water, tap water pump station in industries such as: metal valve hydraulic control heavy hammer type butterfly valve, hydraulic control accumulator type butterfly valve, multi-layer metal hard seal butterfly valve manually. And supporting exports of Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Norway and other countries, well received by customers. Especially with a heavy hammer type hydraulic control butterfly valve, accumulator type, integration of mechanical, electrical control of PLC, hydraulic integration of new and high technology, is the preferred hydropower station and pumping station safety, automation recommended products.


      Company through ISO9001 quality system certification, special equipment pressure piping components license, standardization, metrology level, the national industrial products production license, credit grade AAA, product trademark registration "eternal" brand, "white light" brand. The company has always been adhering to the "serious, integrity, innovation," business philosophy, adhere to the "development of enterprises, contribute to society, benefit employees" of the enterprise purpose, wholeheartedly welcome customers at home and abroad to patronize cooperation!

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