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Hydraulic control valve Introduction
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Hydraulic control valve Summary

Turbine inlet valve before the 1990 s, general electric, manual gate valves, butterfly valves, they all have a common characteristic: by electric or manual, operation is relatively heavy, opening and closing time longer, can't meet at the request of the state of emergency shut down valve, such as sudden loss of electricity in the unit or failure of hydro turbine governing system, the generator field loss, operating personnel is not in the scene or operator action is slower, the unit will enter into the state of runaway, leading to a significant accident in power station.

According to the ministry of water resources "rural hydropower technology modernization guidance" namely: in the 1990 s before the construction of hydropower station renovation or new to according to the principle of the unattended unattended (less) than for modification and new. So my company in the ninety s rural electrification of the institute of technology under the guidance of ministry of water resources, the development and production of heavy hammer type hydraulic control butterfly valve, after 20 years of development, derived the accumulator type hydraulic control butterfly valve, high head hydraulic control valves and other series products.


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