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Corrosion resistant pipeline Introduction
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Corrosion resistant pipeline Summary

I company for sulfuric acid, alkali, medicine, metallurgy, environmental protection industries working condition of the demand for the transmission of corrosive media, specialized in researching, developing and manufacturing corrosion resistant pipe. After 20 years of development, our company corrosion pipe is divided into steel lining pipe and FRPP integral moulding two categories, including steel lining pipe has both the strength of the metal, and corrosion resistant properties, the company selects the seamless steel tube shell, shell lumen is medium flow components with the thickness of the lining is 3 ~ 8 mm fluorine plastic (F46, F4, PFA, PVDF), polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), olefin copolymer (PO) for corrosion resistant materials such as; FRPP integral moulding tube is my company to special requirements in related industry, with reinforced pp materials through special process, flange and straight pipe with a mould. Corrosion resistant tube passes the inspection edm and hydrostatic test. Have all kinds of acid, alkali corrosion resistant performance is good, long life and other advantages.

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