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Analyses the Chinese pump valve market development direction
author:admin  source:weiguang   time:2014-11-19 16:43:34  

      China general machinery industry association pump industry branch of zibo in shandong province for a meeting of China pump industry management work. Conference, industrial pumps, director of the institute of zhejiang university of technology professor sheng-chang zhang suggested, based on the current market needs the integration of innovative centrifugal pump, large flow efficient reciprocating oil field injection water pump pump products, such as high efficiency and energy saving, environmental protection feature of pump manufacturing enterprises in our country should actively develop, such already can satisfy user needs, can also create a new profit growth point for the enterprise.

      Sheng-chang zhang thinks, integration of innovative centrifugal pump with large flow, high discharge pressure, wide performance, high efficiency, long life and high reliability of the efficient flow injection pump equipment, the product to replace the traditional lower centrifugal pump water injection equipment operation efficiency, and reduce the production cost of oilfield, has important practical significance.

      After it adopts innovative stable equilibrium volute centrifugal pump impeller radial force equilibrium, the bearing stress, can effectively improve the mechanical efficiency of centrifugal pump, improve the work efficiency of centrifugal pump, ultimately achieve the goal of energy saving; After using labyrinth mouth ring, the volumetric efficiency of centrifugal pump cavitation performance, and effectively improve hydraulic efficiency, can effectively improve the work efficiency of centrifugal pump, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving; Innovative balance hole auxiliary mechanism through structure innovation can change the balance hole reflow medium flow direction, the direction of flow and the impeller internal medium flow direction is consistent, eliminates the traditional balance hole reflow medium influence on medium flow status inside the impeller, so as to improve the cavitation performance of the centrifugal pump and hydraulic efficiency.

      From the market application prospect analysis, centrifugal pump is a kind of high consumption, wide application of general machinery products, the market demand of the product accounts for some 80% of the aggregate demand pump products. Therefore, in view of the enormous quantity wide centrifugal pump energy saving, consumption reduction work is of great significance.

      Large flow efficient reciprocating oil field injection water pump market prospects very big flow reciprocating oil field injection water pump is a kind of efficient flow, high discharge pressure, good performance, high efficiency, long life, high reliability of the efficient flow reciprocating pump injection equipment. The product to replace the current low efficiency of the centrifugal injection pumps and parts of low efficiency, small flow reciprocating pump, improve the utilization rate of water injection pipe network operation efficiency and motor, save a lot of power and operation maintenance cost, realize the energy saving, energy efficiency is of great significance.

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